for English speaking clients

I am a bilingual who experienced living in many different countries and cultures for totally 8 years during my younger ages, countries such as USA, UK, and Bahrain.

Throughout my experiences, I do understand the difficulty of living and adapting in a foreign country.   Especially when you are a member of an expat family, being transferred against their will,  it might be even tougher for them.

Of course, living in a country with a different language from you mother tongue is always so difficult.  Although the difficulty is not only language.   The whole system of the society you are in must be very different in many ways, and to adapt into the society would be very challenging.   You will have to deal with the loneliness,  not really being able to express your whole feelings in a language you are not used to.   Also the culture may be very different,  and many customs or habits might be difficult to understand.   In those kind of circumstances,  it may be quite easy to become stressed out or depressed.

For those who are having difficulty in these situations,  I may be the one who could help.   I am a therapist that can provide therapy, counseling or psychological consultation in English.   I have a Japanese certificate as clinical  psychologist, EFT therapist, although I do not have a diploma in English.  If you are having difficulty finding a counselor who speaks English,  I may be the one to help.